knightfox app design concepts

Our services range from conceptualizing to design and coding of application based solutions.

Our boutique-style business approach is designed to develop efficiencies and drive innovation through technological development, mobile strategy and the use of emerging media platforms to improve market penetration and management efficiency. Our customised and usable solutions fit our clients’ financial and functional needs.  

As a start-up or SME, you will benefit from our simplified adaptation of mobile technology and media platforms to bring your big ideas from concept through creation to implementation. Our Enterprise solutions derive from a streamlined approach that help adapt your operations to new market forces, cut costs and improve (management) efficiencies.

We factor in local and international market forces and competitive analysis to ensure ultimate performance, scalability and security across all platforms. From designing iOS & Android applications and harnessing emerging media platforms to providing marketing & development consultation; our cunning use of technology, market strategy and resource allocation will help bring your company or product into the future and drive long-term success.

We can deliver cloud application and cloud servers for our clients to keep costs at a minimum during development and even after deployment we can continue hosting applications for our clients.



If you are a start-up, we know how you feel. If you have a great business but are still working on a budget, we can help you to simplify your communication through developing sophisticated and effective Apps that present your business professionally and gives you a competitive edge.

SME Businesses


We develop integrated Apps for SME companies that can help maximise your margins. Finding cost effective ways to communicate with your clients and suppliers in any possible form can help your efficiency and also allows you to be more productive and customer oriented.

Enterprise Solutions


We believe you should focus on your core business and let us create your App. Now that everyone has a website to communicate with their clients, Apps are the next big thing in delivering a more customer oriented and 1-on-1 customer experience. We can conceptualise and develop the App for your company.