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Jamergency v2.0


Jamergency is the most reliable emergency application for Jamaica. Whether you are in Kingston or in country, if you need to contact an emergency service closest to your location, Jamergency will provide you with the direct phone number and address. You don't need to search phonebooks anymore or lose crucial time on an ever ringing phone line to find a Police, Fire Department of Ambulance service. Just use Jamergency and you will always find the closest and fastest emergency response service to your current location.

Case Study - Events and Consumer Product App


This case study was designed to find a CMS solution for a mobile app that can be updated from a backend at any time. The client would be able to push new events and interact with its patrons.

The app would gather information about the patrons in the background allowing for data analysis of what aspects of the app the patrons use the most and which parties they are most interested in.

The app also has a quiz game that can be turned on and off and the questions can be changed at any time. The analytics can be used to find out about patrons depending on their answers.

The app also has a geo locator to guide patrons to the events locations.

As this case study was designed for a liquor company, the patrons can interact with the brand by mixing drinks virtually, shake the phone like a mixer and then publish the new drinks on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

casestudy screenshot
casestudy screenshot